It is not the states or companies that cause pollution.
It’s the consumers. You and me.
Products don’t come to their true price.
The cost of pollution is missing.
So big consumers take advantage of the frugal ones.
Factoring in a compensation can fix this.

Nation states and the UNO make politics.

We the people need to act.

But not only seperately and locally.

But also jointly and globally.



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All man a created equal. All man have an inborn right to natural resources. The air to breeze, the water to drink and the soil to stand on. If somebody pollutes the air, uses the water and the soil, he needs to compensate the others. If this becomes common sense, we can rebalance earth.

First we need to spread the word. Discuss and agree that it is feasable.

Then we need to get global buy-in.

The buy-in of all individuals.

The consent of the stakeholders in the value chain that deal with natural resources commercially. Some need to switch from greenwashing to green acting. And a lot has happened already.

We just need to accelerate.



Every cubic meter of poisoned air, every litre of wasted water and every ton of CO2 exhausted can be price tagged. All the data is available on sources like the The International Resource Panel (IRP) of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

All pollution correlates strongly with CO2. So we just need to set a price tag (e.g. $250/tCO2) and create an NFT per megaton consumed. The polluters buy the NFTs and compensate this way.

We just need to convince the extractors and polluters to take their share.


Once the value is collected it needs to go automatic and direct to the individuals. This means at every single individual in the world. This needs some scaling. And everybody may only access one account. This needs digital identity management.

We use Proof of Humanity and the UBI token to distribute the incoming value.

This blockchain based system provides 100% transparency and can grow to 7.8 bn accounts.

Every human being on earth can identify itself without storing personal data.

This way we make sure that everybody can only claim one account.

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Become one of the 1000 founders. Bring some funding, take decisions, become an official spokesperson.


You make sure, the numbers are right to balance.


Setting up a DAO for 8 bn. people is quite a challange.


Spread the word.


If you are not happy with one of the other roles, you can help funding.

ID & Value Distribution

Help people to claim their account.

Legal Team

Set up legal entities (DAO) and deal with national jurisdictions.

Finance Team

Make sure base operation is always funded and compliant.

Media Team

Translate our message for media in all languages.

FOUNDERS (illustrative)

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To compete in the global information space we need specialised professionals for each communication channel

As of now, we are not subject to any national jursidiction and therefore not recognized as a charity, but we appreciate any support. is a movement of people for people. After bootstrap phase we will establish a reporting on our incoming donations and outgoing spendings. For now, we ask for your trust.

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Buckminster Fuller

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”



Fuller holds Tensegrity sphere, 1979

Photo by Poet Architecture / [Public Domain] via Flickr