Your Time to Shine


Founders are at the core of the initiative during the founders phase. Founders bring some funding, coordinate the creation of the specialized communities and communicate to the public.

While all other roles are upcoming, the founders time is now.

Please join by geting your founders NFT on opensea.


The core of the project is the value collection via NFTs and the value distribution via smart contracts. 

The developer community needs to deliver outstanding quality. It will get enought time and budget, but the goals are tough.

Enable the distribution of incoming value to 8 billion wallets multiple times a day.

We all know that is not possible yet, but here is exactly where the solution architects and the technical discussion starts.

Communication experts

Besides the technical solution, it is key to spread the word and have everybody informed and aligned on all forms of media.


We built on the engagement, but some cost can only be covered with currency. We appreciate every support.


Discuss, challange and prove the approach. We are happy about all kinds of feedback and even more happy to  have more scientific expertise in the team.

Financial, Legal, Media Teams

If and when we grow to a significant size, we need all the professionals that keep organisations operational.