Become a founder is an open, international volunteer initiative of scientists, environmental activists, blockchain experts, communication experts, and all interested parties, which is responsible for proposals and actions to initiate compensation for environmental pollution under the domain of UIO.EARTH.

Our purpose is to implement a compensation program, that drives the reduction of pollution and poverty in one go.

In January 2022 a small group of individuals have setup the infrastructure for including the founder DAO rebelancingearth.aragonid.eth.


YOU, the founders need to step in NOW.

1. Go to the rebelancingearth.aragonid.eth (Have your metamask wallet connected to the polygon network when connecting) 

and transfer 100 MATIC token in the Finance module (funding token)


1. Go to and buy a founder NFT

2. Either way, your receive 100 REBAL token (governance token) soon after

3. Stay aligned with the founding principles and the UIO charter.

4. Act on behalf of the initiative. 

As a founder you are eligible for a mail address, editor rights to the websites and equivalent rights to all other tools and services.

Just contact to claim your rights.



Founders to dos:


  • Issue proposals and vote in the DAO. You shape and drive the next steps.

  • Represent the initiative. You become official spokesperson.

  • Inform and activate other potential founders. We need up to 1000 founders globally.


Community phase

  • Create and moderate communities like the developer groups
  • set up a team to work on the UIO.DAO via GitLab
    • NFT creation and distribution
    • Wallet creation and distribution
    • Smart contracts for automated flow from NFT to wallets
  • Contact and cooperate with other organisations and initiatives
  • Organize donations. Be a fundraiser.


Public phase 

  • Contact and cooperate with politicians
  • Contact and communicate with top potential  compensators
  • Contact social organisations, NGOs to cooperate on banking the unbanked