The Initiative


How we all can make it happen as a win-win is not against anybody or anything is agnostic of nation states, economic principles, gender, age, locality

pollution, especially by CO2 and the distruction of natural resources is a global phenomenon

today, some were more effected then others, but like COVID-19 it will eventually effect all of us means, we all work together to reduce the impact is for all mankind

There is a long list of successes to stop imbalances in economic systems like the case of tobacco, the ozon layer and diesel gate. In the case of pollution and poverty the challange is so big and so global, that we need many to join in and support. There are numerous scientists that provide facts and data. There are numerous activists that help spreding the word. There are numerous corporations that embrace green technology. There are numerous states that have started sustainable politics. is meant to drive the necessary action, based on its FOUNDING PRINCIPLES.

The United Individuals Organisation (UIO)

The UIO is the organization of all people, just as the UN is the organization of all nation-states. The UIO was recently chartered and is meant to be the legal entity representing all mankind. The UIO asserts that all people have a natural, inalienable right to all natural resources, so anyone who pollutes or destroys natural resources must compensate.

One of the main goals of rebalancing eart is to establish the UIO as a decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO) and to provide every human being on earth with a digital wallet to receive their individual share of compensation.

The other main goal is to communicate and agree with all stakeholders, that the compensation needs to be payed somewhere in the supply chain of every product and service.

To achieve these goals rebalancing earth is now in Founders Phase. The initive seeks about 1000 individual people, globally distributed, that serve as founders. The founders provide some funding, help to establish expert communities and take decisions.


Bootstrap Phase (Jun21-Dec21)

In the bootstrap phase, a small group of people create a platform and framework in loose coordination. The platform consists of WordPress with some extensions for membership, community forum, and project management. The framework is a simple organizational structure and contains the first draft of a project plan..

Founders Onboarding Phase (Jan22-Apr22)

During the founders phase about 1000 people join the platform to become THE FOUNDERS.

The founders have a number of key functions:

  • Founders bring some funding.
  • Founders take decisions based on the founding principles (using a DAO soon)
  • Founders organize and build the communities. There will be communities for every area of expertise needed, e.g. communication, coding, platform operation, science, legal, etc.
  • Founders are the official spokespeople of the initiative. They use every opportunity to spread the word according to the founding principles.

Community Onboarding Phase (Feb22-Jun22)

To get from the foundation to a movement, we need to create communities. Founders take the lead. Everybody it free to join and to contribute. Communities take over the work in the three sections GLOBAL BUY-IN, VALUE COLLECTION, VALUE DISTRIBUTION.

Community Production Phase (Feb22-Dec23)

The community builds on the basic concept and the founding principles. First, the various communities discuss and define their scope of work as workstreams with work packages. Then work packages either develivered by volonteers or professional resoureces were rewarded by founder vote.

General Public Onboarding Phase (Jan23-Dec23)

To get from a movement to global impact, we need to get as many people on board as possible. All people benefit from the compensations. They just need to learn about their natural claims. Some people are in charge of organizations that need to compensate. This is the realm of conviction and persuasion.

Rebalancing Phase (Jun23-)

As soon as nature has a price tag, the free market can kick it and drive consumption down. As soon as people get compensation, they can take better decisions to consume more sustainable. Ultimately we will get back to a resource usage that is sustainable for the planet.

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