The Solution


How we reduce pollution and poverty at the same time

In a nutshell...

… every consumer reduces their pollution to 0.

If this is not possible, every consumer pays for their pollution. Starting with $ 250 /tCO2.

Compensation is payed through the purchase of UBI tokens, which are burned after purchase.

Everybody on earth who has registered sybil-proof on PoH will benefit with about $ 1.200 /year.

Organisations will raise their prices to factor the compensation in. Consumers pay the price.

Strong consumers are usually rich people who can easily afford to consume less or pay more.

For poor people, little money goes a long way to help them survive.

Everybody will make smarter consumption decisions that drive down pollution.

Getting started

For starters, we set the price of a ton of CO2 emissions at $250. That's about half of what it costs to recover CO2 from the air or sublimate it with CO2-neutral fuels. After centuries of beeing free of charge, 50% is a good start. Depending on the impact this number will be adjusted.

TruePrices for products are overdue

For too long, retail prices for things like clothing have been super cheap because societal costs have been factored out of the retail price.

When a product is sold at a real price, a fraction of the price is factored in as compensation.

Facture in nature as early as possible  in the value chain

The value chain of most products includes the value chain of fossil fuels. If we factor in the compensation at any point of the value chain, we end up with true prices. There were only about 250 companies in the world that account for more than 80% of fossil fuel trading. Their compliance would make it simple to get true prices for all products.

PoH and the UBI token enable the compensation transfer

Proof of Humanity makes sure, that every human on earth can only register once. The UBI token is a fairdrop protocoll that distributes one UBI per minute to everybody that registered. 

Compensate your pollution by burning UBI

All consumers compensate for the environmental damage they cause by purchasing UBIs of the appropriate value, for example, $ 250 worth of UBIs for one tonne of CO2 produced during airline travel. Then they "burn" the UBIs here: This leads to the currency being revalued and the value flowing to those affected.

Contribute sending ETH to this contract.

PoH is a DAO for universal income in the blockchain

PoH is a Democratic Autonomous Organizations, that is controlled by its users by one human - one vote. Disputes are resolved with Kleros, the justice protocol that is independent from nation states and regional legislations. It is purpose build to solve disputes in the virtual world.

Environmental reporting proofs compensation adequacy

The IFRS sets the global standards for financial reporting. At COP26 there was huge support for the ISSB (International Sustainability Standards Board) and its work programme to develop a set of internationally consistent, high-quality, and reliable baseline standards for disclosure of sustainability-related information on enterprise value creation. The CDSB, the Value Reporting Foundation, the TCFD and the IFRS will set standards of reporting to enable proof of compliance.

Common understanding and agreement

Some will like the idea, some will contribute to the improvement of, others will dislike it.

Consumers can choose their purchases
Employees can choose their employer
Students can choose their future employer
Shareholders can choose which stocks to buy
Pension fund managers can invest in sustainability
Business partners can choose their partners 
All people can engage in sustainability in different ways

We make it work together or we fail together.

The UIO  was chartered to represent humanity

The united individuals organisation represents all people on earth. Everybody is automatic passive member. After proving unique digital identity with Proof of Humanity or  equivalent protocoll everybody is entitled to become active. The UIO is meant to become the institution that represents humanity when talking to nation states and other special interest groups.

Less pollution

When the value of nature is added to all products and services, prices become true prices. True prices will be higher, and higher prices usually lead to less consumption and thus less pollution.

Less poverty
We have learned that it takes time to reduce pollution. But if we establish compensation, we can immediately wipe out extreme poverty.


Consumers pay for the CO2 content in their consumption. Compensation can take place at all levels of the value chain or subsequently by the consumer.

The value will be distributed to all human beings in equal parts. Here the reverse effect comes into play, the most needy benefit proportionately the most, since for them even very small amounts have a great effect.

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